The Interval Training Program

With the interval training program you will get access to 40 running type workouts and 40 electronic device workouts (elliptical, treadmill, etc.).


  • Must-read important information.
  • The complete numbered-library of 80 all workouts.
  • Weekly training format examples.



With the interval training program you will get access to…

40 Running-type interval workouts which entail repeated short distance runs for a specified number of bouts, target time goals, and between-bout rest periods performed at various running venues. The number of bouts, target run times, and rest periods are contingent on your natural running speed and fitness level so you can either ease into it or get after it.

Example: 7 x 318 yards @ 1:01 with 2:17 recovery time or 5 x 200 meters @ :40 with 2:29 recovery time.

These are the venues where they can be performed:

  • Basketball court (94 ft. x 50 ft.)
  • Football field (120 yds. x 53 yds.)
  • Indoor 200-meter track
  • Outdoor 400-meter track
  • Soccer field (120 yds. x 75 yds.)

Three running ability categories to put yourself in:

  • You’re slow, like a turtle on crutches in molasses.
  • You possess average speed.
  •  You’re exceptionally fast and can run like the wind.

There are eight different options at each venue:

  • Four short intervals (shorter distances and target times).
  • Four long intervals (longer distances and target times).

The recommended target times and between-bout rest times are provided based on your current fitness level:

  • Doable: first time beginning a program or attempting to “get back into it.” They involved a fewer number of runs, slower target times, and a greater amount of rest time between them.
  • Challenge: a seasoned veteran or stepping up the challenge with more demanding sessions. They entail a greater number of runs, faster target times, and a lesser amount of rest time between them.
40 Electronic Device

I hate using the term “Cardio machine” for this reason: you can elevate and sustain your heart rate using any device or mode of exercise. Running hills, interval running on a track, a weight room circuit, a running trail in the park, body weight burpees and mountain climbers, high repetition squats, and manual labor tasks are effective means for that.

  • Elliptical device
  • Stair climber
  • Rower
  • Treadmill
  • Stationary bicycle
  • The often-despised Jacob’s Ladder®
  • The much-hated Versa Climber ®
Whatever device you choose, you have these options:

Short intervals – various work-rest periods for a total workout time of:

  • 10:00
  • 15:00
  • 20:00

Long intervals – various work-rest periods for a total workout time of:

  • 25:00
  • 30:00
  • 40:00
For each option above, the number of intervals – “bouts” – are provided along with the prescribed work (go hard!) and rest (back off/easy) times to offer one heck of a “cardio” workout. No complicated device control panel confusion such as “fat-burning zone,” M.E.T.S, calories used, etc. should be dealt with. More on this later to keep electronic device intervals simple and bottom-line.